Faction Agent 1 Mens Snow Skis

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Looking for a light and fast but not wimpy touring ski for those long days (or weeks) on the skin track? Join the club. Check out the Faction Agent 1.0 Skis, designed and used by the Faction crew in and around Verbier, where the immensity of the terrain and the vast number of options boggles the mind. As with the other Agent skis, the 1.0 uses a Karuba core with carbon weave and sidewalls everywhere but at the tip and tail. This ski doesn't win the lightweight sweepstakes in the 85mm waist class, but it just may be the best downhill option for extended touring.

  • Rocker Type: 290mm Tip Rocker / 4mm Camber / 175mm Flat Tail Rocker
  • Flex: Flex Rating – 7 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
  • Sidecut:Elliptical Sidecut – Made up of a longer radius underfoot and shorter radii in the tip and tail of the ski. The long radius underfoot means you can pivot faster and easier, while a shorter radius in the tip and tail results in seamless turn initiation. This sidecut allows for a wide variety of turn lengths and angles.
  • Shape: Freeride Flat Tail – Traditional flat tail design is built for speed, ultimate edge grip and control throughout charging turns. Brought into the modern day with a slight tail rocker, this shape is easier than ever to slash your turn into a slarve and won't hook up in fresh conditions. Surf Zones – Unites rocker and tip taper ensuring these two key features work in harmony. Rocker provides float and facilitates pivoting, while a tapered tip moves the widest part of the ski closer to the center and removes unwanted hooking. Surf Zones promise a floaty, seamless ride in all conditions.
  • Core:Lightweight Karuba Core – Karuba is an extremely lightweight wood core with good strength properties. Despite being little known, Karuba provides excellent flex and vibration absorption capabilities without adding weight, making it an ideal wood core for a touring ski that performs just as well on the uphill as on the downhill.
  • Laminates:Full Carbon Weave – Between 8 and 12 strips of Carbon, sandwiching either side of the ski’s woodcore, are laid unidirectionally, providing extra stability to the ski, without adding weight to the build. Each carbon strip is woven into the fibre glass to provide strength and stiffness in the full length of the ski.
  • Titanal Binding Plate – When you're on a day-long touring trip in the backcountry, you need to rely on your gear. Titanal reinforcement plates are laid up on top of the lightweight cores ensuring that your binding screws hold. This one-piece design fits alpine and touring bindings, adding trustworthy durability to these lightweight cores.
  • Sidewalls:Full Strength Sidewall – This construction places strips of protective material along the sides of each core, between the edge and the topsheet. Sidewalls provide the best possible edge hold and stability when the ski is engaged in a turn as well as protecting the wood core, edges and topsheet from impacts and outside damage.
  • Anti-Chip Tip & Tail Cap: – Full strength sidewall underfoot, with the topsheet wrapping around the ski so that it meets the edge in the tip and tail. This provides strong protection from impact, boosting the ski's durability, as well as reducing the overall weight of the ski for freestyle or touring needs.
  • Edges:XL 2.5mm Edges – Extra edge thickness gives the skier a pair of skis that absorb shock and impact much better than skis with standard edges. The result is a ski with a much higher life expectancy.
  • Additional FeaturesScratch Resistant Topsheet
  • Waist Width: 86mm

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