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Kids Snowboarding Gear

Get the kids kitted out for the snow with the Elevation107 winning combination of quality kids snow gear! Top-notch brands, great prices, and our expert advice and fitting services. And the board itself? Probably the most exciting piece of the puzzle – and we sell kids snowboards from all the leading snow sports brands right here at Elevation107. 
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Shop for kids snow gear with Elevation107

Our team is made up of some absolute snow sports fanatics. With the help of our staff, you’ll have the knowledge and expertise of lifelong snow sports fans to help you find the right gear for you and your family. Our expert advice and fittings services will help you get your kids up and running in no time.

At Elevation107, we’re all about getting the next generation of shredders out there on the snow with the gear that’ll serve them well.

Get the kids kitted out with quality snow gear

Don’t forget! The board is only part of the equation. There are still some parts you’ll want to take a look at elsewhere in our site. The perfect setup wouldn’t be complete without boots and bindings.

Our range of kids snowboard bindings includes easy setup, soft flex options that give little shredders the security of a good hold on the boot, but also the flex to encourage natural motions through turns. Binding options include adjustable high backs and baseplates – meaning you can get a few more seasons out of them before your kid outgrows them.

For kid’s snowboard boots, it’s all about getting a good snug fit, without making life hard. The BOA system that Burton uses for their Grom Boots takes all the hassle out of getting the boots on tight and keeping them there.

All your kids snow sport needs – here in Western Sydney

At Elevation107, snow sports are just what we do. When you pay us a visit in-store, you’re talking to staff that have spent their lives out on the snow, and their working hours getting the next generation of shredders kitted out to do the same.

We’re experts at helping customers of all shapes and sizes find the snowboarding gear that fits them perfect. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For any questions or enquiries, give us a call on (02) 9639 1000 or email us at