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Women's Ski Boots

Elevation107 has a huge range of ski boots in stock from all the leading ski boot brands including Atomic, Dalbello, Salomon, Rossignol, Lange and Tecnica. Our expert boot fitters will happily spend time with you in store to help you get the best fit. Please consider a professional ski boot fitting prior to purchasing ski boots online.
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In past decades skiing was one of those sports that prompted caution and warnings. Many instances of broken bones in the leg were the result of a lack of proper support, which manufacturers have rectified since.

While the occasional exception to the rule still exists, those seeking out women’s ski boots in Sydney should feel confident of the fact that with the right advice and fitting you can approach the slopes safely in the knowledge that you are well supported.

At Elevation107, we are the go-to experts for all things ski and snowboard related in Sydney. Our retail store in Baulkham Hills is the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your skiing equipment and apparel needs, and within you will find a team of experts all of whom love the snow and love to chat and help those of a similar mindset.

We are the number one recommended choice for those in the know for very good reason. Since 2003 we have served Sydney’s carvers and provided much more accessible prices to those throughout Australia via our online store.

Rest assured, that whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional searching for a pair of women’s ski boots we have a range of options that offer considerable flexibility in terms of price, style and we only stock brands, such as Salomon and Burton, that deliver the best of quality.


Ski boots are unlike any other kind of shoe or boot. It’s possible to order them online and strike gold with regards to the fit. However, it is always recommended that with this niche product those that are planning to buy drop into our store for a professional fitting before they hand over their cash.

The reason why this option is preferable to buying women’s ski boots online is that a poorly fitting pair of ski boots will make for a really challenging time on the slopes. Nobody wants to spend their free time or precious holidays hobbling about as a result of foot pain and cramping and so the time spent paying a visit to your trusted ski retailer is an investment that will reap rewards in the long run.

In basic terms, there are a few things that you should look out for when trying on new ski boots. There should be very little space for your ankle to move about once in the boot, while your toes should have plenty of room to stretch out to full length. Where possible, it is worthwhile stepping into your ski bindings to test how the ski boots feel when you flex forward.

Buying online is fine if you are buying the same pair that you had fitted before, but if you can’t spare the time needed for delivery and returns, then seeking the assistance of a professional fitter is your best bet.


Those that are in the market to buy comfortable women’s ski boots are encouraged to get in touch with us here at Elevation107, regardless of whether you live in Sydney or not. We have fitted countless pairs of boots for our customers and will be able to advise those that have no choice but to buy online. 

In the meantime, browse our online store, check out our Instagram page and if there’s anything we can help you with please do feel free to let us know.

Our expertise extends to alpine ski boots along with all other boot types. 

The best brands are ready to be tried on and Sydney’s trusted experts right here at Elevation107 look forward to helping you find that perfect fit in the not too distant future.

We can also help if you’re after women’s ski jackets, goggles, pants or helmets.