Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard Goggles

You’ve got the skis or snowboard, you’ve got the kit, you’ve got the helmet and now you need a pair of goggles that are going to really make you stand out from the crowd. For the best selection of quality ski and snowboard brands in Australia, check out our selection below.
We stock goggles from some of the most trusted brands, such as AnonDragonSpy and Oakley so you can show off your style as well as your proficiency on the slopes. 

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Whether you’re a first time beginner or a professional racer, it makes sense to wear eye protection when you’re on the slopes, so check out our range of ski and snow goggles available both online and in store at Elevation107 in Baulkham Hills.

A Wide Variety to Suit All Budgets

Our selection of top branded goggles come in at all price points, so no matter what your needs and budget you’ll be able to find a pair to suit you. 

The difference in prices is usually down to the quality of the lenses and the added benefits that more expensive lenses offer. 

So, whether you’re in the market for a new pair that have been designed to fit perfectly with your helmet and offer you spherical lens technology, a pair of designer snowboard sunglasses, or you’re simply looking for a pair of comfortable snow goggles for kids to protect their eyes on the slopes, you’ll find a great option to suit all budgets at Elevation107. 

And, if you’ve damaged your goggles, we even sell replacement lenses.

Stylish & Practical Options

Every rider wants to look good but also protect their eyes on the slopes. You’re going to face a bright landscape, be met by frigid winds and need protection against the potentially harmful effects from these, as well as protection should you collide with someone else, or into something.

Why Snowbaord Goggles Are a Must

For those who are taking up snowboarding and are planning on hitting the slopes for the very first time, they often wonder whether there is any need to buy goggles. Here at Elevation107, we say forget about what they will cost you and consider the potential cost you could personally incur by not wearing the right goggles while you’re descending the slopes.

Limiting your eyes exposure to the intense light that is found on the slopes is crucial. The glare from the sun is also a challenge that all snowboarders face, dark lens tints ca help.

Different colour tints are suited to different weather conditions, so it’s worth getting a sense of the conditions you will likely face because your lenses will help you spot dips in the slope before you ski over them.

Some models have vents that prevent fogging but with the benefit of foam padding.

Everyday Low Prices

Our lowest price guarantee is a safeguard that affords any eagle-eyed shoppers a chance to save a few extra bucks on the off chance that they can find the same product online for less elsewhere.

Our Top Tips

Some tips from our epxerts are:

  • Shop Online - We want you to save the most money possible and that means shopping with Elevation107 online or in our store and not waiting until you get to the mountain as they will always charge inflated prices! 
  • The Right Tint - Always take into consideration where you normally ski. The terrain and what the weather is like will affect what tint you opt for. You want a tint that provides a mixture of great contrast, depth perception, colour definition and eye fatigue protection. Plus, the snowboard goggles should have the best visible light transmission for the light conditions you will be in. For example, on sunny days you will want to wear a model with a low VLT, but on days with low light you are better with an option that have a high VLT. 
  • Peripheral Vision - Some goggles are not designed with peripheral vision in mind, so this is something to consider when you are choosing the right pair for you. You want to be able to see 180 degrees from side to side. Why? Well, this will help you to avoid other skiers or snowboarders on the mountain! 
  • Do They Fit? - Make sure they fit both with and without a helmet, and take some time to adjust them to your head. You want a pair that are easily adjustable and is right for your head shape. 

Need any further advice? Get in touch with our friendly team at Elevation107

If you need any further advice on gear, Elevation107 will be happy to help. Either get in touch with us by calling 02 9639 1000 during store hours, or drop us an email at

Alternatively, why not pay a visit to our Baulkham Hills store where our dedicated team of staff are on hand to help.


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