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Kids Snowboard Goggles

Top off your children’s outfits for the snow with a pair of snowboard goggles for kids. Protect their eyes from the sun glare over the snow, and from any debris while keeping their vision clear as they enjoy snowboarding. Choose from goggles in a number of latest styles and colours that will have them looking great out on the slopes. Some also include a face mask to protect their skin when the weather turns extra cold and windy. Our Lowest Price Guarantee means you can find something for the whole family all in the one place at great value for money.

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Never underestimate the damage that the weather can have on your little one’s sensitive eyes. Even when it’s overcast outdoors, the reflection from the sun off the snow can damage your child’s eyes. Furthermore, as they’re navigating the slopes when snowboarding, the wind can dry out their eyes and cause irritations. When you’re looking for protection against the elements, snowboard goggles from Elevation107 reign supreme.

All brands stocked in our arsenal of snow goggles contain the latest lens technology. You can expect UV protection, anti-fog and in a range of tints for different conditions. Not to mention, our kids snowboard goggles come in a range of bright colours and patterns that they’ll be excited to show off on the slopes.


For over 15 years, we are proud to be the leading supplier of providing high quality gear for beginners and professional snowboarders in Australia. We stock a huge range of kids snowboard goggles online at Elevation107, at the lowest prices guarantee. Choose your snow goggles from leading brands like Smith, Anon, Oakley, Dragon, Spy, and more.

We also offer kids helmets, gloves and socks to ensure they’re kept warm and safe while out on the slopes. And with free shipping on orders over $50, you’ll be better prepared to hit the snow in our get-ups.

For more information or if you have any questions about our products, contact Elevation107 on (02) 9639 1000.