Snowboard Stomp Pads

Snowboard Stomp Pads

Snowboard stomp pads, often referred to as deck grip, are little traction pads that connect to the top of a snowboard to give the rider more grip and stability.

What Are Snowboard Stomp Pads Used For?

Snowboard stomp pads are used to offer more grip for the rear foot while dismounting chairlifts, skating on flat terrain, or doing one-footed tricks. In addition, they protect the rider's rear foot from falling off the board.

Where To Place a Stomp Pad On Your Board?

Often, a stomp pad is positioned as near to the back binding as possible, on the inside of the back binding. The location should feel as near as feasible to your natural posture. Moreover, you may rest your boot on the binding for added stability.

It is essential to situate the stomp pad...

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on the inside of the rear binding, as opposed to flush against it. This is due to the fact that if the pad is too near to the binding, you will only be able to stand on half of it, wasting the other half. Instead, ensure that it is around an inch (2.5cm) from the base of the binding, or follow the steps below for more precise placement.

How to Find The Right Spot For Your Board

To determine the optimal location for your stomp pad, lay your snowboard on the ground and put on your boots. Next, position your back foot on the snowboard within the back binding, close to the back binding, such that you remain standing erect and the side of your boot is contacting the side of the binding. Mark the spots on the board where the inside and outside of your boots make contact with the board. Lastly, you should position your stomp pad inside these tape markers.

According to these principles, you can guarantee that your snowboarding stomp pad is set in the best area for your riding style and delivers maximum grip and stability.

Can a Stomp Pad Be Reused?

Snowboard stomp pads are intended for a single usage, thus it is not advised to reuse them.

Stomp Pads: Only for Beginners or also for Experts?

Snowboard stomp pads are beneficial for both novices and experts. They give additional traction and stability to all snowboarders, regardless of expertise level.

Are Stomp Pads Essential or Not?

While the usage of a stomp pad is not required, it may significantly improve your snowboarding experience. Stomp pads give traction, which might make it easier to maintain balance on your board, exit the chairlift, and execute one-footed tricks. A stomp pad may be extremely beneficial for beginners who are starting to snowboard.


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