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Women's Ski Pants

Good outerwear is a must for your trip on the mountains. We have a huge range of women's ski pants, bibs and overalls from leading brands such as 3CS, AK, Analog, BurtonBonfireDCKarbonL1O'NeillRideThirty Two and Volcom. Whatever the style or fit, we be able to help you find the correct ski apparel to suit your needs. Free shipping on all purchases.
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Staying warm and feeling comfortable are two things that every single skiing enthusiast aims for when they hit the slopes, beyond of course carving some epic rides and feeling the unrivalled rush of descending a mountain at speed.

However, is it ever a bad thing to look good while you impress everyone with your ski skills? Here at Elevation107, we think not. That’s why we stock an awesome range of women’s ski pants and clothing at our Sydney store and online. Pair them with matching skisski jackets, boots and ski gloves for a uniform look on the slopes.

Since 2003 we have tracked the changing needs of those that love when the snow season comes into effect and have done our utmost to continually respond to your demands, while making the latest innovative technologies employed by the manufacturers accessible at prices that are customer friendly, first and foremost.

Open seven days a week, we always look forward to helping our customers sift through the various brands on display and help them find the perfect fit that will enable them to enjoy the best possible experience while they are on the slopes.

For those who unfortunately don’t live in Sydney all is not lost, however, since our free, fast shipping service on orders over $50 ensures that you too can access the best women’s ski pants as and when you want to.


Given that all of the staff here at Elevation107 are crazy about the snow and take to the hills and mountains with renewed enthusiasm every year, we completely understand the need to service a varying number of demands from our fellow skiers and snowboarders.

It’s never just enough to provide ski pants that offer the best insulation, since they may not afford those that want to speed down the mountain at pace and move a lot the kind of flexibility that they require. Similarly, there’s no point in us only supplying a handful of colours.

The truth is that as snow enthusiasts our community is a vibrant and diverse bunch that likes to carve their own paths and approach the slopes as individuals. Our stock caters to the widest audience possible and includes colourful options in orange, black and white, grey plus a range of other designs. We can also help with elastic waist ski pants that are comfortable and stylish. 

So, regardless of whether finding the best women’s waterproof ski pants on the market is your priority or if you are looking for a snazzy pair of fiery coral pants, rest assured that we are the people that can kit you out to look and feel the way you want. Among the brands that you will find both online and in our store in Baulkham Hill are the following:

  • 3CS
  • Burton
  • DC
  • Karbon
  • L1
  • Nikita
  • O’Neill
  • Ride
  • Roxy
  • Volcom
  • Protest


Given that there are plenty of different tastes out there, on occasion we may not have exactly the item that you are searching for in store, but you can be certain that in such instances we will do our best to source it from one of our other stores.

The team here at Elevation107 love nothing more than to engage with and bring satisfaction to our customers. So, take the advice of the countless other Australians that walked through our doors over the past two decades in our Sydney ski shop or bought online and choose to shop with us at Elevation107. The best women’s snow ski pants are here and yours to acquire at the best prices in Australia.

We can also help if you need women’s ski gloves, goggleshelmets or boots.