Collection: Women's Ski Jackets

Collection: Women's Ski Jackets

Good outerwear is a must for your trip on the mountains! We have a huge range of snow outerwear from leading brands such as 3CS, AK, Analog, Burton, Bonfire, DC, Karbon, L1, O'Neill, Ride, Thirty Two and Volcom. Whatever you are looking for in clothing and outerwear - whether it be waterproof or breathability rating, style or fit - we will be able to help you find the correct snowboard jackets. Free shipping on all purchases over $50.
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When you consider the temperatures that you are going to face once you start to ascend a mountain range it quickly becomes clear that a well-insulated, high-quality jacket will be the difference between having a good time, or retreating to the après ski sooner rather than later.

Skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts require a little more of the clothes that they wear for good reason. At speed, chilly air whipping your body can be a brutal experience but not one that is insurmountable.

Here at Elevation107, we are the ultimate retailer of women’s ski jackets, boots and gloves in Sydney. Our reputation thankfully precedes us within snowboarding and skiing circles given that we have been around for quite some time now. We have come to be known as the go-to experts that both novices and professionals turn to when they need advice or something a little more specific to enhance their experiences.

We don’t cut corners, but instead, try to pass on the advantages that we have gained from almost two decades in business to our customers in the form of friendly pricing. In terms of women’s ski jackets, the brands that you can expect to find at incredibly accessible prices include the following:

  • Burton
  • DC
  • Karbon
  • L1
  • Nikita
  • O’Neill
  • Roxy
  • Thirty-Two
  • Picture
  • Protest


No two skiers want the exact same experience when they start their descent. For some, freeriding is the favoured style whereas others prefer to go hard and others may be looking for women’s winter ski jackets for ski touring. As such, the pace is going to vary and that’s why it is important to think carefully about what you require of your jacket before you buy. Take a look at our Fit and Length Guide to help you choose the right jacket.

Those that are going to attack the slopes with vigour will most likely want a jacket that offers the flexibility that their high energy approach demands. Others that plan to move at a slower pace will find that they are much more susceptible to the cold and will, therefore, require something that offers a greater degree of insulation.

At Elevation107, we do our best to cater to the varying needs of our customers. As such, within our store and online you can find a huge choice that will offer differing levels of breathability, waterproofing and incorporate numerous other features, such as large pockets, that are favoured by some on the slopes.


We appreciate that when the time comes to buy women’s ski jackets there are plenty of things to take into consideration and this definitely isn’t a one size fits all situation. As such, our helpful buying guides will provide you with plenty of useful information that should help make the decision that bit easier. We also have a large selection of ladies ski pants, as well as accessories like ski goggles and ski helmets in various colours and styles to match your new ski jacket. Look to us for a wonderful range of colours including black and white, green, orange and more.


Here at Elevation107, we understand that investing in a ski jacket isn’t a decision that is taken lightly and plenty of planning and budgeting is required. In the hope of helping, we now offer Zippay and Afterpay as options for those that prefer to cover the cost over time, without having to incur any unfair penalties. And, if you are interested in saving another 5%, sign up to our newsletter to get a discount code off your next online order.


You’ve found the best place to buy women’s ski jackets online so take your time, browse the store and if there’s anything you’re unsure about, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and incredibly helpful team who will do their best to help you make an informed purchase that serves you well on the slopes.


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