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Kids Snowboard Pants

Elevation107, Australia's premier destination for snowboarding gear, proudly presents its curated collection of kids snowboard pants. Designed to meet the unique challenges of the Australian snow, our range ensures young snowboarders are equipped for every adventure.

Innovative Features in Our Kids Snowboard Pants

From adjustable waists ensuring a snug fit to articulated knees for unrestricted movement, every feature is thoughtfully added. The inclusion of boot gaiters, removable braces, and critically taped seams means that snow stays out, and warmth stays in. Brands like 686 even offer the Youth Evolution tech, ensuring the pants grow with your child, offering multiple seasons of use.

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Superior Protection

Our kids snowboard pants boast impressive waterproof and breathability ratings, ranging from 10K to 15K. Whether it's the wet snow of the Australian Alps or the chilly winds of Perisher, these pants are crafted to keep the young ones dry and comfortable.

Sustainability Matters

We understand the importance of sustainability. That's why many of our pants, including those from brands like Elude and XTM, are made from recycled polyester. Not only do these pants offer top-notch performance, but they also reflect a commitment to our planet.

Insulation Perfected

With options like the 2-Layer infiDRY® fabric and infiLOFT® insulation, cold is not a concern. These pants are designed to trap warmth, ensuring kids can play longer and stay warmer.

Diverse Snowboard Pants Styles for Every Child

Whether it's the vibrant fuchsia of the XTM Scoobie II or the superhero vibes of the 686 Frontier Batman edition, there's a style for every young snowboarder. Our range celebrates individuality, ensuring every child finds something that resonates with their personality.

Trust in Quality

Brands like Burton, Quicksilver, and O'Neill are synonymous with quality. Their offerings in our collection are a testament to their commitment to excellence. From the Room-to-Grow™ system of Burton to the DryFlight® technology of Quicksilver, every pant is a blend of innovation and quality.
Gear up your young snowboarder with the best. Browse our collection and ensure they're ready to conquer the slopes with confidence and style. Only at Elevation107.