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If you’re looking for the best place to buy Jones ski and snowboarding gear online or in-store, including a wide range of the latest Jones snowboards and backpacks, look no further than Elevation107. We’ve got one of the best selections of Jones snow equipment in Sydney, all available at everyday low prices. Enjoy free express delivery on orders over $50.

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If this is the year that you are finally going to step outside your comfort zone and finally climb the slopes and try snowboarding for the first time, then you’re arriving at a time when there has never been more possibilities or choice.

Snowboarding has become more and more popular in Australia over the past couple of decades to the point that there are countless brands of boards as well as some of the greatest equipment and gear ever made now accessible at amazing prices.

Here at Elevation107, our Jones snowboard sale is a prime example. We are delivering major savings on this ever-popular brand and even if you are living in Sydney or across the country, you can shop right here online and secure free shipping.

Our shop is one of Sydney’s landmarks in the snowboarding and skateboarding terms. We were once known as ESS Boardstore but despite the acquisition of a huge new store and undertaking a brand new name, one thing remains the same, you will find a team that knows more about the sport you love than anyone else.


A Jones snowboard is always eye-catching, if not for their often-revolutionary designs to the awesome graphics and attention to detail. Men, women and kids alike will be pleased to discover a quality line of their new boards, all of which are available to pre-order online.

Since you can’t physically check them out just yet, we encourage those that are already salivating at the prospect of owning one of these gorgeous boards to check out the brief description online to get a sense of the performance each one delivers and the unique features.

There are plenty of sizes ready to choose from but if you need a little more information then be sure to get in touch with us in whatever way works best for you. Rest assured that at Elevation107, we want all of our customers to have as much information as possible before they buy.

Even if you work long hours at the office, or simply can’t always find the time during the working week, we are open Monday to Sunday. The only occasions that we will be closed are usually public holidays, but lucky for you those are few and far between.

Veterans of the sport are known as regulars in our store and they return to us time and time again because they know that we stock only the best brands and equipment accessible in Australia.

What’s more, they know that if there’s anything they have a query about all they have to do is pick up the phone and ask, or drop in and chat with one of our super passionate staff members for some expert advice.


Here at Elevation107, you will discover that on average we aim to deliver prices that are 10% lower than RRP across our entire range. Furthermore, we know just how many suppliers and sellers are out there, so in an effort to ensure that you can find the best, most reliable boards and ski gear on the market at the best price, our lowest price guarantee affords you the possibility of shaving a few extra dollars off the final tally.

The Jones snowboard sale here at Elevation107 arrives just in time before the slopes are begging to be carved and offering you plenty of time to browse and buy the perfect board and snowboard boots for you. If there’s any way that we can help please do feel free to get in touch.