Snowboarding Gear Picks From Professional Riders

The Natural Selection Tour brings together the world’s most talented snowboarders to compete on challenging natural terrain: think heavy glaciers, large vertical drops and exceptional tree runs. Riders face immense obstacles on these natural trails, and must use their skills and creativity to overcome them and out-do their competitors.

Tackling tough conditions requires gear that holds up: so what are professional snowboarders equipping themselves with? We’ve put together a guide of top picks from the pros.

Travis Rice

Travis Rice is one of the most influential snowboarders on the planet, with a host of accolades spanning a career of almost 20 years. Rice leads the way in big-mountain freestyling, carving new paths for the future of snowboarding.

His snowboard of choice is the Lib Tech Golden Orca 161 (2021/22 model), developed by Rice himself in conjunction with Lib Tech. Beginning with the Orca, also crafted by Rice several years prior, the Golden Orca was re-engineered with a versatile nose and tail, allowing you to ride and land switch flawlessly.

Rice’s legacy continues with the Lib Tech T.Rice Golden Orca 2023, featuring improved centring and a new tail profile.

Snowboard: Lib Tech Golden Orca 161

Bindings: Union Falcor

Boots: DC Travis Rice Boa Snowboard Boots

Jacket: Quiksilver Highline Pro 3Layer Jacket

Pants: Quiksilver Highline Pro 3Layer Bibs Pants

Gloves:Quiksilver Travis Rice Natural Gore-Tex gloves

Helmet: Quiksilver Play Snowboard Helmet

Goggles: Quiksilver TR Hubble

Sage Kotsenburg

Kotsenburg took out the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, and his beaming personality in interviews made him a household name. He has a string of notable projects showcasing his big mountain freestyling, as well as a deep bag of impressive tricks to boot.

His snowboard of choice is the K2 Manifest Team 159, paired with K2 Formula Bindings. Kotsenburg praised the board’s handling of big features and deep snow.

Snowboard: K2 Manifest Team 159

Bindings: K2 Formula Bindings

Boots: K2 Orton Boots (2022)

Jacket: Oakley Bowls Gore-Tex Pro Shell Jacket

Pants: Oakley Bowls Gore-Tex Shell Pants

Gigi Rüf

Rüf was given the enviable task of putting down the first tracks on the competition course at Jackson Hole. Having competed in previous iterations of Natural Selection and taking out podium wins twice, Rüf is a prominent feature in events and is well known for his uniqueness and creativity.

His snowboard of choice is the SLASH ATV 158, which is part of his brand Slash by GiGi. The board delivers a tough feel and is reactive and incredibly directional whilst remaining lightweight.

Snowboard: SLASH ATV 158

Bindings: Union STRATA

Boots: Deeluxe X-plorer

Jacket: 686 GLCR Gore-Tex Smarty 3-in-1 Weapon Jacket

Pants: 686 GLCR Gore-Tex Dispatch Bibs in Gigi Rüf colourway

Goggles: Dragon X2s Gigi Rüf Signature

Blake Paul

Dubbed “the backcountry prince”, Paul is known for his light-footed, breezy style of all-mountain riding. Natural Selection’s Jackson Hole trail is where Paul grew up riding, so it’s no surprise that he’s climbed the ranks to become one of the world’s best freestylers.

His snowboard of choice is the Gnu Hyper Kyarve Pro Model 160 (2021/22 model), which Paul has developed to perform exceptionally across all terrain. The board is playful and super responsive, creating a fun snowboarding experience regardless of conditions or the course.

Snowboard: Gnu Hyper Kyarve Pro Model 160

Bindings: Gnu BMBW Transfer

Boots: Vans Bryan Iguchi Verse

Jacket: The North Face 1994 Retro Mountain Light FUTURELIGHT Jacket

Pants: The North Face Seymore Pants

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