Snowboard Putting On Boots

1.Socks - Wear the socks that you will wear riding, which should always be a single pair of wool or synthetic socks.
2.Open the Boot - Completely loosen the laces, quick-pull locks, or any Boa® dials. There may be multiple lacing systems on the shell and on the liner to undo. Make sure to loosen any laces all the way down to the lower part of the boot. Reach inside the boot and check for any paper stuffed in the toe.
3.Slide Your Foot into the Boot - Grab the tongue, point your toe straight into the boot, and in one deliberate motion pull the tongue up and out as you stand and step into the boot. When your foot is in, make sure the liner tongue is positioned under the sides of the liner and the shell tongue is overlapped by the sides of the shell.
WAIT! Don’t Panic! - The right size boot will feel very tight right now. Your foot is not in the riding position yet, and it may feel too short in the toe. Keep reading; we can get through this together. :)
4.Position Your Foot - After you have both tongues aligned over your shin, sit down and bang your heel back against the floor several times. This will pull your toes away from the front of the boot and push your heel deep into the heel pocket.
5.Tighten the Liner Lacing - Stand back up and tighten any lacing system on the liner. This may be a quick-pull or Boa®, sometimes located on the outside of the shell. Be careful not to over tighten, which may result in pressure points on the instep and poor circulation.
6.Tighten the Shell Lacing - Working your way from the bottom up, pull the laces tight as you lace the boot up all the way to the top. For zonal quick-pull or Boa® systems, tighten the lower zone first, then the upper.
7.Simulate the Feel of Snowboarding – With both boots on, stand in a riding position; feet shoulder width apart, flex the boots forward and back and move your weight from side to side. You want the boot to feel snug, and your heels should only lift up a little bit while flexing the boot forward. You may want to strap on your snowboard, standing on the carpet. This will also let you know if your boots fit in your bindings.
8.The Fit - Spend some time standing in your boots to feel if there are any pressure points. You want your toes to brush the end of the boot when you wiggle them, but they shouldn’t curl. Any extra room you feel now will be especially noticeable when riding and after the foam padding packs out. Keep in mind that your brand new boots are the tightest they will ever be, and liners will pack out up to a half size.