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Find the Perfect Womens’ Snowboarding Jacket

When it comes to facing the slopes head on, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right outerwear to see you through the cold. Our women's outerwear selection features modern snow tech that’ll keep the cold and puffiness at bay.
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What to look for in a snowboarding jacket

While most snow jackets from well-known brands and makers are generally up to date with these standards, here are some things to look out for when purchasing a snow jacket of your own.

  • Waterproof capabilities: This should be a main priority. The best snow jackets are always waterproof to keep you dry should you get snow on you. Breathability: Breathability will stop you from overheating in your jacket, making it essential for when you’re walking uphill and working up a sweat. Being warm and dry are crucial but so is the comfort of a breathable jacket.
  • Insulation: Your coat will need to be warm in order to help you endure the high temperatures. Make sure your coat is warm and snug to suit the areas and temperatures you’re travelling to.
  • Powder skirt: Should you take a tumble, a powder skirt will hinder snow from filling up your jacket, which may soak through your clothes. This is a great thing to consider if you’re likely to take a fall as an inexperienced snowboarder.
  • A warm hood and pockets: While you’re carving up the snow, you’ll likely want to have a place to keep your items safe. A coat with pockets can go a long way while a functional hood is great for a bit of extra warmth.

Find the perfect jacket and outerwear at Elevation 107

Find great outerwear pieces for your trip to the slopes right here at Elevation 107. We offer a huge range of snow outerwear and gear from leading brands such as AK, Burton, Bonfire, Volcom, L1, Protest, Quicksilver, DC, Roxy, Nikita, Protest, … and the list goes on! Whatever you’re after, our outerwear offers waterproof technology, high breathability ratings, exceptional style and thoughtful design to ensure you look just as great as you feel.

Feel free to also check out our gloves, pants and socks to match, as well as get in touch with the team for more details.