Crab Grab Grab Rails 2 Pack Aqua

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Crab Grab Grab Rails are a throwback back to the days when people were only going upside down once per jump, and style reigned supreme. Back in these days snowboarders were grabbing so radically that their hands were slipping off their boards, and thus the grab rail was born. This two-fold utility piece acts as both a stomp pad and a surface to stick your mitts to when you're tweaking that grab beyond what should be humanly possible. 
  • Heavy duty, lightweight C-Foam.
  • Screw Glue - Glued on. Like it was screwed on.
  • Gripples - tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness.
      • 2 per pack
      • Dimensions: 1.125" x 6.5" each

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