7 Mistakes To Avoid When Learning To Snowboard

The popularity of snowboarding has skyrocketed in recent years, and with good reason. Snowboarding is an exhilarating sport that, when mastered, guarantees fresh air, unparalleled views, and a whole lot of fun. If you’re learning to snowboard for the first time, check out our list of snowboard carving mistakes to avoid.

1. Wearing the wrong clothing

Before you even hit the slopes, you need to ensure you’re in the right snowboarding attire: think clothes that will keep you warm, dry, and allow you the flexibility to move around. You don’t want to be uncomfortable while you’re learning to snowboard, so we recommend snowboarding clothing such as jackets, pants and gloves.

2. Not securing your feet correctly

It’s important to strap yourself in correctly from the get-go, otherwise you run the risk of getting hurt on the slopes. Sit down while fastening your feet onto your snowboard, as you’ll be able to keep your balance and avoid injury while putting on your gear.

3. Not booking professional snowboarding lessons

Skied before? Great, you’ll be familiar with the feel of snow. Got a friend who knows how to snowboard? You’ve got a buddy lined up for the slopes. Watched a lot of snowboarding videos and want to teach yourself how to snowboard? Probably not the best idea. One of the most common snowboarding mistakes made by beginners is not booking professional lessons. A qualified instructor can provide you with feedback and teach you proper techniques that will have you carving the pow in no time - and of course, the sooner you’ve got the basics down-pat, the sooner you can head out on your own (or with a buddy!)

4. Leaning too much

Leaning too far back when turning can have you falling flat on your backside. To combat this, use your upper body to place more weight on your front foot to balance yourself. Likewise, leaning too far forward will have you eating the snow rather than gliding down it. Try to keep your back straight to give you better control when turning, and you’ll find it much easier to balance on your snowboard.

5. Turning too quickly

If you’ve ever driven a car, or even played an arcade racing game, then you’ll know that tackling a turn too quickly will cause you to spin out. The same goes for snowboarding - rushing your turn is incredibly unsafe, especially on steep slopes. Keeping your weight centred across both feet will ensure that you’re able to ride on your edge, and will make for a far more controlled turn.

6. Breaking your fall with your hands

Falling is an inevitable part of learning to snowboard, and even the most experienced riders will take a tumble occasionally. However, a common snowboarding mistake is using your hands to break your fall. As tempting as it may be, this can cause serious injury to your wrists, and leave you more battered than if you were to fall on your backside. While it can seem uncomfortable, the padding of your snowboard clothing and the snow are safer options for cushioning your fall.

7. Being unkind to yourself

Remember, it takes time to master snowboarding, and even the most advanced snowboarders started somewhere. Don’t beat yourself up over your snowboarding mistakes - after all, everything is a learning experience, and you’ll know what to improve for next time. The most important thing is to stay safe and take it one step at a time. Check out some of our Beginner’s Tips and Tricks for building confidence when learning to snowboard.

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