Snowboarding for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

Learning to snowboard can be an exciting yet daunting task. There’s so much to think about: what to wear, how to stand, and where to go. We’ve put together a few snowboarding tips for beginners so you can tackle the slopes with confidence.

1. Make sure you have the right snowboarding gear

It may sound obvious, but aside from a snowboard, you’re going to need the right gear to get you started. Ensure that you’re warm, comfortable and dry with appropriate snowboarding attire - think a jacket, boots, socks and pants. Even the most advanced snowboarders need protection, so make sure you’re equipped with a helmet and goggles, too.

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2. Plan your day

Maximise your time on the slopes by planning your day in advance. Do some research to find a suitable resort - preferably one with snowboarding lessons - and check the weather reports to ensure favourable conditions. Having a map of the resort you intend to visit can make it easier for you to navigate when you arrive, and most resorts will even map out the best beginner-friendly slopes.

3. Book a lesson

One of the best snowboarding tips for beginners is to book a lesson. Not only will it save you time trying to self-teach, but a professional instructor can provide you with feedback and help you avoid bad habits from the start. Many resorts offer individual and group snowboarding lessons, so it’s worth enquiring with your destination to see what’s available.

4. Bend your knees

When you’re learning to snowboard, a top tip is to bend your knees - always. This is one of the most common mistakes made by snowboarding beginners, and can result in a lot more falls. You don’t need to squat, but bend your knees just enough to allow you to manoeuvre your board and absorb bumps easier.

5. Ride across, not down

Yes, you’re technically heading down the slope - but when it comes to riding it, ensure that you’re going across, not down. If you ride straight down the slope, you’ll build up too much speed, and possibly spiral out of control. Aiming to ride across will have you checking your speed more frequently, and gives you more leeway when it comes to slowing yourself down.

6. Look ahead

If it’s your first time on the slopes, you might want to take in the views (we don’t blame you!), watch the positioning of your board, or see how your mate next to you is going. Hot tip: don’t.

If you’re looking down the slope - or anywhere else, for that matter - your body will twist itself to try and go down the slope. This puts you in an awkward position, and can make you prone to falling. Keeping your eyes on where you want to go will help your body naturally turn to where you’re heading, helping you get there far more smoothly.

7. Be confident

You probably won’t feel very confident when you’re snowboarding for the first time. But we’ve been there too - and trust us when we say that even the most advanced snowboarders will experience falls and tumbles every now and then. It’s all part of the learning journey! As long as you’re prepared with the right mindset and snowboarding gear - helmets, goggles, jackets and more - you’ll give yourself the best chance of success on the slopes. Remember, confidence takes time to develop - and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have the time of your life cruising down the slopes on your snowboard.

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