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One thing that all snowboard enthusiasts have in common is that there is no real way of dodging the initial investment costs required to get your start in the sport. Compared to something like football, snowboarding can be a lot more expensive, but the rewards and sense of accomplishment are seldom matched for those that go on to achieve great things.
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Your snowboard is the main piece of kit you’ll need, but in addition to other gear, chances are that in the early stages you will consider Smith ski helmets as one of the potential options for protecting your skull.

At Elevation107, we have been serving the snowboarding and skateboarding communities for almost two decades. Our store in Baulkham Hills, Sydney is the ultimate treasure trove for those that love all things to do with snowboarding and is the go-to place for those that need advice, or if they just want to speak with a knowledgeable expert about the equipment, boards or accessories they are considering acquiring.

We love nothing more than to engage with our customer because it gives us a chance as passionate lovers of the sport to share our wisdom, so to speak, with you and in turn we often learn quite, too.

We are always just a phone call away if you can’t make it here in person and you can ogle the awesome boards and everything else we sell online as and when you please.


When it comes to safety in snowboarding it goes without saying that protecting your head from any sudden impact or fall is crucial. Smith snow helmets are a great choice for those that like to take their safety seriously and here at Elevation107, we do our utmost to make them that little bit more affordable than anywhere else in Australia.

There are plenty of snowboarders that choose not to wear a helmet, but fortunately, they are in the minority. Even if accidents will still happen, the chances of sustaining a serious head injury are greatly reduced by wearing a helmet.

Having that layer of protection to absorb the shock of the impact and spare your skull from a nasty blow could make all the difference and spare you time recovering and in some cases, it may save your life.

Some people often ask whether they ever need to bother to replace their helmet. Here at Elevation107, we believe that taking good care of your equipment is an absolute must. If you fall and your hit your helmet very hard off a rock or some surface, or if you can see that there is a visible fracture on its surface, then it’s probably time to think about investing in a new helmet. The last thing you want is to fall again only for the helmet to crack apart and deliver no protection.


At Elevation107, our Smith ski helmets come in a wide range of colours and sizes, which make them suitable to all snowboarders – male and female.

We also stock a huge range of Anon helmets, K2 helmets and Salomon helmets.

We appreciate that it’s a costly sport, and that’s why we make it possible for you to pay in instalments using Afterpay. Furthermore, those that don’t require gear or equipment all year around are invited to inquire about our hire scheme.

The best advice and the best snowboarding gear in Australia ships direct from our store in Sydney, so if you want to acquire Smith snow helmets for less, then look no further than right here at Elevation107.