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Yes Snowboards Australia

There are certain brands that deliver serious style every time they release a new board with new graphics. While snowboarding is one of those sports where the skill and level of expression are always changing and advancing, blowing minds as it evolves, the nature of the design and artwork that adorns those beautiful boards is simply going from strength-to-strength.
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Anyone that has ever seen Yes snowboards for sale will appreciate just how cool a snowboard can really be.

At Elevation107, we are always happy to see the next line of Yes snowboards because we know that our eyes are in for a treat. All snowboard manufacturers really push the boundaries when it comes to delivering eye-popping graphics and Yes are no different, but there’s something really cool about their designs that always draw compliments and admirers.

Image isn’t everything on the slopes, but when you’re a skilled carver having a board beneath your feet that is just as awesome as the tricks you’re executing does not hurt and really pushes the idea that you’re not only someone that knows their sport, but knows how to look good doing it.

If for no other reason, having a great looking board is sometimes all it takes to encourage someone that is on the fence to decide to give it a go.

Why We Are the Go-To People for Snowboards

Here at Elevation107, we believe that sport is something that all comers should be able to enjoy. Regardless of whether you are a stone cold pro or a novice hoping to find joy on the slopes for the very first time, our doors are open to all and we invite you to drop in for a chat if you are in need of advice, guidance or any sort of assistance when it comes to finding the right board for your current needs.

Our store has been part of the Sydney landscape since 2003 and while we have upgraded our square footage and invested in a bigger place for all snowboarders to enjoy, one thing has remained the exact same, and that’s our passion and enthusiasm for the sport.

Rest assured, however, that if you are planning a trip to Sydney but that won’t happen until after the snowboard season has passed, you will be able to find Yes snowboards online at awesome prices right here. We don’t charge for shipping on orders of $50 and above, and you can depend on us to get you whatever you have ordered quickly.

While there are plenty of regulars that like to drop into our store in Baulkham Hills most weeks, those further afield that want to stay in the loop about the latest arrivals and grab the best deals when we are in sales mode are encouraged to sign up to our newsletter, which will secure you a 5% discount on your first online order.

How to Tap into a World of Snowboarding

At Elevation107, we love the fact that social media has made it possible for so many more customers and snowboarding enthusiasts to tap into a wider variety of snowboarding options.

Our Instagram feed is worth checking out and is regularly updated with the latest arrivals of snowboard and ski gear. What’s more, it may connect you with the wider community and making new mates who love doing what you do is never any harm.

So, if you are looking for Yes snowboards for sale, whether that is to admire their amazing graphics, or if you are finally shelling out your hard-earned cash and securing your very own, drop in, call or email us if there’s anything you would like to know, or if we can help guide you. We look forward to equipping you with something truly special soon.
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Xmas Delivery 


      If you're ordering Xmas pressies and want to make sure that it all arrives in time then you'll need to make sure that you place your order by

       *. Sydney: 20th December (allow 2 business days)
       *  Melbourne: 19h December (allow 2 to 3 business days)
       *  Brisbane: 19th December (allow 2 to 3 business days)
       *  Adelaide: 18th December (allow 3 to 4 business days)
       *. Perth: 17th December (allow 5 to 6 business days)
       *  Regional areas: Need to allow 5 to 7 business days

Tourist refund Scheme


As long as the purchase is made within 60 days of your travel date then if you're heading overseas this summer (or anytime) for some Northern hemi Pow did you know that you can claim the 10% GST back on any purchases that you make where you spend more then $300? Click here for details


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