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With nimble control for navigating challenging tracks, the Now Select Snowboard Bindings have a proven record of dominating from peak to park. Versatile support stems from a medium flex and their responsive Freewing Highback which is pre-rotated for the most accurate and efficient energy transfer from edge-to-edge. Lastly, the Select Bindings deliver a ride unlike any other pair of bindings with their Skate-Tech design, minimizing board vibrations and wasting less carving energy than bushing-less bindings. Crank up your speed this season with the Now Select Snowboard Bindings.

Product Details


Flex Rating6 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Hanger30% glass-filled Nylon // I-beam wall sections are both rigid and light // Baseless design allows for uninterrupted board flex // Transfers energy to the board's edges

BushingsDual injection, quick-snap connection to Hanger // Main contact point to board // True dampening system // Applies energy while diffusing board chatter // Available in Soft, Medium, Hard

KingpinCreates a fulcrum for all energy transfers // Stainless steel hardware is extremely light and strong

Nylon 4x4 / Channel DiscMounting ring and disc are nylon reinforced with 50% fiberglass // Minimal board fixture // Softer lateral flex // Light and strong


Hyperfuse StrapsNow's Hyperfuse binding strap was the first of its kind in snowboard binding design. Inspired by shoe construction, the Hyperfuse is a stitch-less, spineless and seamless strap. Its inner guts are constructed with nylon webbing that is strong, durable and flexible, and sandwiched between two layers of injected EVA. The end product is a comfortable and lightweight binding strap that will not only handle the elements, but the test of time.

3D Toe Straps


Buckles 2.0


Freewing HighbackHigher medial side follows leg angles // Pre-rotated 10 degrees // 15mm higher than original Flex Hinge highback // Lateral hook for added support

Additional Features

Skate-TechInspired by how easily and efficiently a skateboard turns; major components of Now's system mimic both the function and description of skateboard trucks. The Hanger powerfully transfers energy input from the straps to the bushings and onto the edges of your board. The Kingpin acts as a fulcrum, magnifying this energy through leverage. Traditional bindings diminish energy transfer by the flexing and bending of their baseplate, forcing you to crank your straps down harder, ride with more forward lean, or run taller and stiffer highbacks. This all leads to more foot fatigue and pain. NOW Bindings bypass the middle of the snowboard and direct your energy right onto the board's edges. They simply transfer more power to the board with less work, meaning your feet will stay more relaxed and comfortable, longer.


  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced


<li class=Flex Rating: Medium


<li class=Binding Style: Strap
  • Athletes: Frank April, Nick Suave, Frank Bourgeois
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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