Faction Studio 1 Mens Snow Skis

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The brand-new Faction Studio 1 is a terrain park-specific ski that’s inspired by the best in the business. Faction's stacked athlete roster collaborated with their engineering experts to produce a ski that delivers precision performance complemented by effortless, oozing style. For those who settle for nothing less than the “perfect shot” or the perfect trick, meet your match. Featuring a Poplar core for the right amount of pop; carbon and rubber reinforcement under the binding area to withstand heavy stomps; a carbon weave for torsional strength without added bulk; a symmetrical shape for effortless switch skiing; and a 7mm XL sidewall for supreme edge hold and protection of the wood core.

This ski is produced in a cutting-edge facility that runs on electrical power hat is 100% renewable. Additionally, its heating energy comes solely from biomass. The factory no longer uses oil, resulting in annual CO2 emissions reductions of a whopping 10 million kilograms.

A construction that places strips of protective material along the sides of each core, between the edge and the topsheet. Sidewalls provide the best possible edge hold and stability when the ski is engaged in a turn as well as protecting the wood core, edges and topsheet from impact and outside damage.

A symmetrical twin-tip shape, subtle tip and tail rocker and pronounced camber offers riders optimal precision and edge hold.

Poplar is a light-colored, medium-weight, durable softwood that flexes and pops nicely as well as having a whole load of vibration absorption capabilities. Used as the only wood n this core, it allows the ski to pop, butter and stomp and also have enough torsional stability to grip impressively on the downhill.

7 fractions of a millimetre might not sound like much, but when it comes to edges, it adds up. The 2.5mm edges stack an extra 35% of height on top of our already super-durable standard 1.8mm edges. This extra steel gives the rider • pair of skis that are going to take more abuse and last longer.

A 600mm-long, 15mm-wide carbon/rubber reinforcement underfoot, above the edge, adds strength where it matters most to a this performance oriented ski. In addition to protecting the wood core from heavy- duty impact on rails, the carbon and rubber inlay adds stability and vibration absorption under your boots, so that stomped landings feel better, both for you and your skis.

Working with our production partners to eliminate material waste, now mix base, sidewall and topsheet material scraps back into the raw material used for production, reducing carbon emissions while ensuring the same level of quality & durability.

In an effort to reduce the impact of our supply chain, we strive to source materials from European companies that are based near our factories.

Heavy rocker is best complemented by solid, stiffer tips and tails, to help settle the skis and power through variable snow. Additionally, the stiff tips absorb more vibration when skiers touch down after going airborne. Just add g touch more flex underfoot and it allows the skis O load up and POP on request.

Between 8 and 12 strips of Carbon, sandwiching either side of the ski's wood core, are laid unidirectionally, providing extra stability to the ski, without adding weight to the build. Each carbon strip is woven into the fibre glass to provide strength and stiffness in the full length of the ski.

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