Amplid UNW8 Mens Snowboard 2023

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The Amplid UNW8’s aggressive geometry, advanced construction and powerful flex are designed to handle velocity like no other all-mountain snowboard. Stability and damping go together. Antiphase offers the smoothest ride with none of the sogginess of lesser technologies. Take more speed, pop higher, brake later, endure more G-force than your legs can handle… experience everything your head tells you to avoid, but your heart yearns for.
  • Pop-Camber
    Burly man-camber, designed for maximum edge hold and explosive pop. Pop camber is best suited to high-end shreds where performance is paramount. It’s hard work to ride well, but being slingshot out of carves and launched high above the coping is all the reward you’ll ever need.
  • All-terrain Tips
    A smooth kick radius and fuller tip outline improves deep snow floatation without adding swing weight.


  • Lite Core
    Uber light wood varieties are cut, treated and aligned in a way only our factory knows. Its strength to weight ratio has scientist baffled.
  • HEXO2 Core
    Spin to win with effortless style. The hexo2 core replaces specific areas of weightier wood at the tips with featherlight recycled paper honey-comb, practically eliminating swing weight.


  • Centrifugal Carbon
    Carbon fiber runs from the tail inserts to the tail contact points. This adds edge to edge response and spring in the tail.
  • Triaxal Glass
    Amplid uses triaxial glass in the majority of its skis for greater torsional rigidity, which in layman’s terms means more grip and response.
  • Impact Pads
    On the milligram we have added mulitdirectional glass pads in the binding area, to avoid dings caused by pointy corners of metal splitboard binding bases. These pads will enhance durability without adding undesired weight.


  • Antiphase
    AntiphaseTM is a brand-new technology, developed in-house by Amplid, which reduces vibrations, improving board stability. Unlike conventional damping, which relies on rubber elastomers to reduce vibrations, AntiphaseTM is a multidirectional composite layer bonded to a non-Newtonian material, which is placed between the board’s or ski’s tip and binding. It disrupts the natural frequency of a ski/snowboard, stopping vibrations which otherwise amplify and end-up as tip chatter.
  • PLT Topsheet
    A special eco-friendly finish that looks good and will never crack!


  • Sintered 7 Base
    A premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting.
  • Shred Ready
    Amplid is not going to sell you the best shred you‘ve ever ridden and leave the tuning to somebody else. They give every ride the best tune it will ever receive.


  • Beziér curves
    Amplid avoids radii where we can and use Beziér-curves when designing sidecuts and nose shapes. It allows Amplid to calculate the exact flex curve of the core, which results in the most harmonious ride a ski or a board can provide.

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