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Second chances are something that every sports person understands better than most. It takes time to learn how to properly balance on a snowboard, let alone to catch some air and land with poise and continue to carve. The time invested in learning is something that only the prodigious and those with ungodly innate gifts can hope to avoid.
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However, even for those that seemingly can do no wrong, at some point or other, they will fall. As long as they are wearing an Anon snow helmet they stand a chance to get right back up and try again.

The vast majority of the time, snowboarding is great fun and something that the entire family can enjoy. Here at Elevation107, we are all about having a good time but when it comes to engaging in sports we believe that it is only right to take necessary precautions to ensure that nothing spoils the occasion.

We like to think that we know a thing or two about snowboarding and the fact that we have been in business since 2003 selling boards, equipment and gear to Australians just like you is a testament to this.

Our business has grown over the years and we are now able to offer a whole lot more for less to all of our customers. As such, those that browse our store in Baulkham Hills or the pages of our site will discover the best brands in the world, side by side, all priced as competitively as they possibly can be.

Why an Anon Snow Helmet is Just as Important as the Board

Your Anon ski helmet is something that should become part of your checklist whenever you decide to hit the slopes. Just as much as your feet need that board beneath them, your head will thank you for insulating it with something so snug and secure, should you lose concentration or balance and take a tumble.

Let’s be honest, part of the fun of learning to snowboard and learning new tricks is in trying. Failing to execute makes that ultimate success even sweeter when everything finally clicks, but that does not mean that you should needlessly inflict injury on yourself in the process. There is no glory in old war wounds, only stories of lucky escapes that could have turned out differently.

As such, regardless of whether you are a helmet wearing snowboarder whose skull cap has seen better days, or if you are thinking that you can afford to risk it without a helmet just once, we encourage you to drop into the store and chat with one of our experts first, or even give us a call. Our knowledge will help you determine whether a new helmet makes the most sense and even if you can’t afford one today, we can hire one out.

Questions About Our Anon Ski & Snow Helmets

At Elevation107, we are all about serving the community of snowboarders and so we stock on the best equipment and gear that will stand you in good stead on the slopes.

While our prices are fantastic, it’s always worth signing up to the newsletter to get an immediate 5% discount on your first online order, but also to find out about new stock arrivals, and to hear first when the next sale is starting.

Whether it’s an Anon snow helmet you need, or a Smith helmet, a K2 helmet or even a Salomon helmet, we have it all. Or if you are in the market for a brand new board, rest assured that we are here to help and will have you kitted out and ready for the slopes, and as many second chances as you need until you’re carving like a pro.
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