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Spy Snow & Ski Goggles

Snowboarding is an incredibly fun sport to get caught up in. There are countless different slopes all around the world ready and waiting to be carved which offers those that participate in it a chance to meet with potentially thousands of fellow enthusiasts and really get the most out of their life, or even their holiday time. Earning the trust of those that share the slopes is something that all snowboarders value and the best way to do this is by being safe.
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Spy Snow Goggles from Elevation107

Here at Elevation107, we stock everything a snowboarder could possibly want to protect themselves and everyone else they carve with. Spy snow goggles are one of many accessories that we carry simply because there is a diverse range of options available at a variety of different prices, which means that no matter what your budget range or requirements are you will be able to find something appropriate.

The Spy brand is a staple of ski and snowboarding slopes and its sustained presence in the market stems from the standing that it holds in the community. They continually seek to deliver new and innovative products that will add something new and beneficial, evidenced as an example in their Ace EC Digital Goggles, which are the first to incorporate Spy’s electrochromic One Lens Technology, which simply must be seen to be believed.

We also stock a massive range of Smith goggles, Oakley goggles and Anon goggles.

How to Protect Your Eyes on the Slopes With Spy Snow Goggles

At Elevation107, we have spoken with countless customers over the years and one thing that the vast majority have in common is a desire to find products and equipment that simultaneously offer exceptional safety standards without sacrificing on the one’s ability to push the boundaries of their skills.

Nobody ascends a slope thinking that there are no risks. We are all more than aware that beneath the pristine new snow could lie a hazard that could lead to injury. What’s more, with weather conditions often changing very suddenly, it is important to equip oneself with gear and accessories that will deliver high standards of protection and enable you to navigate to safety with as little difficulty as possible, should you ever need to.

Why Invest in a Pair of Spy Snow or Ski Goggles?

Naturally, wearing Spy ski goggles doesn’t mean that you are suddenly immune from harm or invincible in any way. You simply have effective eyewear that will protect the corneas of your eyes from UV rays, wind, debris and snow. That said, these highly durable goggles haven’t won awards over the years for nothing and bring peace of mind to those that have them as part of their kit.

Here at Elevation107, we appreciate that novice snowboarders most likely may not opt for the Ace EC Digital Goggles, and so we encourage those that are starting out and perhaps have little information with regards to how best to choose to approach us in store or get in touch online for some friendly, expert advice. We love nothing more than to engage with our customers, so don’t be shy.

Questions About Our Range of Spy Snow & Ski Goggles?

There are plenty of different brands to choose from on our site and everything that can be bought here is available in store to try on or get a sense of in person before you buy. And, if you aren’t signed up to the newsletter yet, do so now and save yourself 5% off your next online order.

At Elevation107, we are all about promoting positivity within the snowboarding community, so whether you are looking for Spy snow goggles or if you’re in the market for a brand new board, rest assured that we are the team that Sydney trusts and Australia love to save with.
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