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Anon Snow & Ski Goggles

While balance is one of the key parts of snowboarding there are few snowboarders out there that would like to try it without the ability to see. We often take it for granted that our eyes will be there to guide us as and when we need them, but for those that regularly hit the slopes, without the proper protective eyewear in place, the truth of the matter is that there is always a possibility that damage is being inflicted on the corneas of your eyes.
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The Best Anon Snow Goggles on Sale in Australia

Here at Elevation107, we believe in equipping ourselves with the most appropriate snowboarding gear available when we take to the slopes. Anon snow goggles are among the best when it comes to affording those that use them effective protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun and given that nobody wants to be priced out of being able to enjoy doing what they love to do the most, we want you to be able to access them for less than you will pay elsewhere.

Our store has been a regular haunt for Sydney snowboarders since 2003 and since we have expanded our premises and now accommodate even more gear, equipment and a vast range of boards that simply must be seen to be believed, we carry a range of goggles including Smith goggles, Oakley goggles and Spy goggles we can also tailor to the needs of many more enthusiasts just like you.

Considering A Pair Of Anon Snow or Ski Goggles?

Now, while this might sound like a dream, we appreciate that for those living beyond the boundaries of Sydney and throughout the country, dropping in for a chat isn’t a possibility. At Elevation107, we love the idea of community and do our utmost to share the experience with as many of those who love doing what we do. As such, our Instagram page is a great place to check in with us and see all of the new gear that we have in store.

Whether you are looking for Anon ski goggles or if you have a long shopping list, our website will afford you access to all of the best brands out there and you can expect to pay less with us than anywhere else.

What’s more, even if you are uncertain about what size or which goggles or the kind of lenses that would suit the terrain you are headed for, don’t waste your time on Google, just drop us an email or pick up the phone. We would love to assist you and point you in the right direction.

Here at Elevation107, we believe that making it easier for our customers to access great products is important. As such, those that sign up to our newsletter can avail of a 5% discount on their next online order, and for those that would prefer to spend a little less today and spread the expense over time, we offer Afterpay and Zippay to make that a reality for you.

Anon Snow Goggles - Exceptional Protection for Your Eyes

Those that must choose the online option can find whatever they need any time of day or night, and for those in Sydney that want to drop in and try things out for size before they buy, our store is open seven days a week.

At Elevation107, we stock the best because we believe that enjoying sport is possible only when you can have confidence that your gear and equipment is doing the job that you need it to do. We stock Anon snow goggles because they deliver exceptional functionality and will enable you to carve those slopes without having to worry about your eyes being adversely affected.

We look forward to shipping a pair to you soon.
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Capita Pre-Order


      With boards that ride as well as they look for good reason every year Capita make some of the best and most sought after boards around.
       This year we've got >200 Capita boards on order and we'll have one of the biggest ranges of Capita boards in Australia.
        BUT, much sought after boards like the Super DOA, DOA, Black Snowboard of Death, Mercury, Equaliser etc wlll still sell out fast. 
        Don't be disappointed! Pre-order yours now and we'll give you a FREE $50 gift voucher for use on your next purchase.




We would genuinely love $1 for every time someone has called or come into the shop asking about the Lib Tech Orca? In the last 12 to 18 months it would be worth well over $1,000 and would fund a HUGE party or a donation to a worthy cause. So, due to popular demand we're putting the 2021 Orca available for pre-order now. The hype is real and it rides amazing. We've more than doubled our order on last year and have a "pod" of about 30 of these babies on order. However, we have no doubt that even with this amount of stock they'll still sell out fast and once they're gone........ they're gone. 

If you pre-order now not only will you not miss out ........ again. we'll also give you a $50 gift voucher. 



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